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Daniel Tosh Hits Las Vegas This Month, Retirement Could Follow

Daniel Tosh is probably best known as the host of Comedy Central’s Tosh.0, which uses a lot of viral web videos to get laughs out of viewers as Tosh interjects his comedy in between. He’s also a successful stand up comedian, though.

Tosh really burst onto the scene in 2001 when he was on the Late Show with David Letterman. Eventually, one Comedy Central special led to another before he picked up his own show in 2009. Tosh is known for pushing the boundaries of acceptable comedy, so his content often includes jokes about racism and sexism.

Tosh has had a running joke that he will end his career on May 29, although he has a slew of shows scheduled starting on May 30 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Still, you never know. The last chance to see Daniel Tosh perform could come on April 19 and April 20 in Las Vegas, Nevada when he performs at the Terry Fator Theatre at the Mirage.

Tosh is always coming up with fresh material, but he has released one CD, one DVD and one combination CD and DVD. Those might give some sense of what you can expect to hear from his routine this year. True Stories I Made Up was released in 205, while Completely Serious came out in 2007 and Happy Thoughts dropped in 2011.

Any time Tosh performs without the constraints of television censorship, you never know exactly what you might get. On top of his own admission to making misogynistic and racist jokes that he finds funny even if he doesn’t believe them, Daniel Tosh was at the center of controversy last July after accusations that he made inappropriate jokes about rape.

Tosh denied that the accusations were accurate, but apologized for his remarks nonetheless. A long list of prominent comedians then came out to support his right to speak uncensored as a comedian, much in the tradition of many comics who pushed the boundaries of acceptable speech in the past.

You may not know exactly what you’ll get, but you know that Tosh won’t be afraid to speak his mind and there are sure to be plenty of laughs so get your tickets now for his shows in Las Vegas on April 19 and 20.

A New Side of Steve: Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers

Pile on your bangles, haul out those colorful bandanas, and put on your dancing shoes.  It’s that time of year when bluegrass festivals hit the fairs, the back country arenas and the urban parks with their upbeat, heartland music.  There’s nothing like some fiddle playing and banjo strumming to get into the mood of summer festivities, and Steve Martin with the Steep Canyon Rangers are smoking the foot stompers and boogy down audiences all over the country side.

That’s right; Steve Martin, better known as comedian and actor, picks a mean banjo.  Playing alongside Nicky Sanders on the fiddle, the results are absolutely amazing.  It’s a wonder the strings aren’t popping and flying through the air, but when they break out in “Orange Blossom Special”, the railroad tracks, the long, lonely thrill of the approaching train, the heaped up shacks with smoke and grime, children playing kick the can and mothers hanging their clothes on a line come floating in like an Arlo Guthie memory.  Barn dances full of hay and studded cowboy shirts seem to float through the rhythm of mandolins and banjos, while the fiddle gets hotter, and faster and seething with a life of its own.  You’re shaking.  You’re moving.  You’re dancing!

Steve Martin is perhaps one of the most courteous Hollywood performers turned musician, kicking up the music waves these days.  He doesn’t hog the show.  He steps aside when the vocalists sing, the mandolin weeps and the fiddle, that awesome, incredible fiddle tacks down a bullet track chord.  Don’t expect any funny one-liners or a comic act.  When Steve Martin jams down on the banjo, he gets serious.  Recent performances include a guest spot on the David Letterman show, where the Steep Canyon Rangers treated the audience to Bluegrass at its best.

While the Steep Canyon Rangers are a young group, making their debut at the Allegany County Fairgrounds in 2009, their talent is taking the bluegrass world by storm.  Expect to see them around for a long time, as there’s nothing quite like the humble music that put America into motion, that plucked at the heartstrings as it rendered up the sounds of mountains and valleys, simple back country villages and long, lonely trains.  If you miss out on Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers, you’ve missed out on an entire summer of the most festive occasion to roll through the concerts and fairgrounds today!