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Archive for July, 2013

What’s the Deal with Jerry Seinfeld’s Latest Tour?

It is not often you get to see a live performance from a television legend hailed by many as a comedic genius. You get to experience that when you check out Jerry Seinfeld’s latest tour.

Seinfeld has been performing standup for much longer than most people realize. In 1976, he tried out at an open-mic night at Catch a Rising Star in NYC. His performance there led to his appearing on a Rodney Dangerfield HBO Special. His first performance on a sitcom was on Benson in 1979, where he was in several episodes as Frankie.

He continued with his stand-up routines and appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson in 1981. His appearance on the show turned out to be popular, and he came back for more appearances. He also performed on Late Night with David Letterman. These television performances helped him build a wider audience and a following that continued to grow.

Of course, most people know and love Seinfeld from his hit television show that ran from 1988 to 1998. Created by himself and Larry David, Seinfeld was different from other sitcoms of its time. It had a slightly darker edge with characters that were fun to watch and follow, even though they were shallow. The show is still popular today thanks to syndication.

After spending nearly a decade playing a fictionalized version of him on television, Seinfeld moved on to other things. First and foremost, he returned to doing stand-up. He also wrote several books, appeared in commercials, and at awards presentations. He also co-wrote and produced Bee Movie. He also lent the voice to the main character, Barry B. Benson. Today, he continues to perform and look for new challenges in his career.

If you are a fan of Jerry Seinfeld’s brand of humor, and if you loved the show, you know you can’t miss the opportunity to see him live! Check out all of the various areas where he’s taking this latest tour and buy tickets to a location near you. You will have a great evening watching one of the best observational comedians ever.