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The Best Oscar Moment from the 85th Academy Awards!

Every year there’s always that one film heading into the Academy Awards that everyone knows is going to clean up. On Sunday night, that movie was Ben Affleck’s Argo, and while it may not have experienced a Titanic-like sweep, it walked away with three awards, including the all-coveted “Best Picture” award. And while Life of Pi actually scored one more than that, today it’s “Argo” that people can’t stop talking about!

The evening started off with Seth MacFarlane providing the obligatory jokes that walked a fine line and provided for the even more obligatory controversy afterwards. Touching on the fact that Affleck was “unknown to the Academy,” and that John Wilkes Booth did a better job of “getting into Lincoln’s head” than Daniel Day Lewis, MacFarlene was then joined by a ton of big name talent on stage. Daniel Radcliffe, Charlize Theron, and Channing Tatum all joined in sweeping Hollywood ballroom dancing along with MacFarlane — and William Shatner even joined in via a large TV screen (and from the future, apparently.)

The song and dance was never really over throughout the night, as this was the first Oscars that included a theme, that being music in movies, but it did take pause throughout the night so awards could actually be handed out. Daniel Day Lewis also made history as the first actor to pick up his third Oscar for best actor in a lead.

Jennifer Lawrence did not make history, but she was incredibly surprised by her win. So much so that she tripped on the stairs on her way up to accept the award, and had to be rescued by the dashing (and nearby) Hugh Jackman. While he did not walk away from the night as a winner, his co-star, Anne Hathaway, did after she picked up her Oscar for best actress in a supporting role.

Of course the grand finale of the evening is always when the award for “Best Picture” is presented, and it was no different this time around. However, the Academy did up the ante a bit when they had none other than First Lady Michelle Obama presenting — adding another bit of history to this particular Oscars Eve, as it’s the first time to ever happen.

Bring Back the 80’s with REO Speedwagon, Styx, and More this Summer

When “The Midnight Rock N’ Roll Express” went on the road last year, music fans thought that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see some of the biggest bands altogether. Recently however it was announced that all groups involved that first time around — REO Speedwagon, Styx, and Ted Nugent — are all coming back to do it all over again!

Kevin Cronin, singer and guitarist of REO Speedwagon, broke the news in a press release along with Ted Nugent.

“Yo, wake up everybody!” Cronin stated. “Winter is over, the snow is melting, the sun is coming out — it’s time for the second annual REO, Styx, Nugent springtime extravaganza. We had so much fun in 2012 we all decided to fire this ‘Midwest Rock N’ Roll Express’ thing up and do it again. Time to strap on our six strings, pack up the trucks and tour buses, get together with our best rock buddies and go out and have some big fun. See y’all soon.”

The tour begins on April 18 in North Dakota and will travel around to 20 different cities, ending in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. You can find a full listing of tour dates here, and tickets are on sale now!

While none of the bands have released new material in several years, this is the second year they’ve gone on tour, and proven that the classics are always a hit.

Eminem to Release New Album Sometime After Memorial Day

It was at the end of last year when Eminem teased the news of a new album, with a baseball cap that was for sale on his own website. The cap had the different years of Em’s past albums printed on the side, and the last inscription was “2013.” That lit up talk that a new album was coming and as always for Eminem fans, that’s big news. Now it’s been confirmed and long-time president at Shady Records, Paul Rosenberg, says that we can expect it sometime “post-Memorial day.”

Rosenberg recently sat down with to speak about the upcoming album and mostly for fans, to confirm its existence. “We fully expect to be releasing a new Eminem album in 2013. He’s been working on it for some time. It’s safe to say that it will be post-Memorial Day at some point, but we’re not exactly sure when.”

And Paul also had other big news — Em’s going out on the road. As could be expected from the artist, who hasn’t headlined a tour in at least a decade, this won’t be a full headliner but rather, a few select dates that will most likely be made up mostly of festival dates.

“We’ve got some dates locked in for him to perform live in Europe in August, so we’re trying to see what else lines up,” Paul told

In the meantime, Paul and Em are busy with their online reality series, “Detroit Rubber.” The series showcases a Detroit sneaker shop, Burn Rubber, and the two owners of it, and both Paul and Em are producing the show through Shady Films. Just three episodes into the series, a quarter of a million viewers have already tuned in, and you can watch it on the Loud YouTube channel.

Lady Gaga Forced to Cancel Remaining Dates due to Hip Injury

Lady Gaga, unbeknownst to anyone else, had been traveling around on her world tour in an unbearable amount of pain. Finally yesterday the pain became so great, and the problem so apparent, that she was forced to postpone shows in Chicago, Detroit, and Ontario that were part of her “Born This Way Tour.” Now just a day later, it’s been found that the problem is so severe, she needs to cancel all remaining dates.

During the time when she only had to postpone several shows, Gaga tweeted out to all her Little Monsters, “It will hopefully heal as soon as possible, I hate this. I hate this so much. I love you and I’m sorry.”

She was about to get sorrier though. After doctors looked at it, the injury was found to be more severe than originally thought, and now Gaga needs surgery. The statement on Gaga’s website stated later,

“Live Nation Global Touring has confirmed that the remainder of the Lady Gaga Born this Way Ball performances have been cancelled. After additional tests this morning to review the severity of the issue, it has been determined that Lady Gaga has a labral tear of the right hip. She will need surgery to repair the problem, followed by a strict down time to recover. This unfortunately, will force her to cancel the tour, so she can heal.”

There is no further word on Gaga’s condition, but those requesting refunds can contact the seller to get a full refund.

The Inspiring History of the Joffrey Ballet

The Joffrey Ballet brings an edge of modern style to the age-old discipline of Ballet. Going even further to stretch the very boundaries of the most elegant of the arts, the Joffrey Ballet reaches even further than the New York City Ballet, begun by Russian immigrant George Balanchine.

From a very modest beginning in 1956 in New York City, the Joffrey Ballet was first known as the Robert Joffrey Theatre Ballet. It was renamed simply the Joffrey Ballet when it opened a West Coast branch in Los Angeles. In 1995, founders Robert Joffrey and Gerald Arpino decided to make a permanent move to the city that had first welcomed its traveling troupe in the very early years. Renamed the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago until 2004 when it once again reverted to its former Joffrey Ballet name, the company continues to dance in Chicago and tour the world. It has grown from two directors with a passion for modernism in a classical world and six talented dancers to a world-renowned company. The company now has forty-two dancers that perform a regular season from October through May at their home theater at Roosevelt University’s Auditorium Theater in Chicago.

The beautiful and stylish Joffrey Ballet was founded with a pioneering spirit, and as such is known as a company of firsts. The first ballet company to perform at the White House, the first to incorporate rock music into ballet performances, the first to perform a rock music based ballet in Russia, and the first to be on the cover of Time Magazine. “The Company” was also the very first major movie to revolve around a ballet company.

You can see the magnificent Joffrey Ballet for yourself with tickets available for their American Legends performance of four wonderful ballets, one of which will premiere in Chicago in February. The others are Joffrey Ballet standards: Interplay by Jerome Robbins, Sea Shadow by the original artistic director of the Joffrey, Gerald Arpino and Nine Sinatra Songs created by Twyla Tharp and made famous by the great Mikhail Baryshnikov when he performed with Joffrey Ballet.

Keeping It Real With Miranda Lambert

Petite, blonde and beautiful, Miranda Lambert is one of the reigning queens of country music. She and her husband, “The Voice” judge and country music superstar Blake Shelton, have been in the news a lot concerning their quivering marriage. Miranda insists that there is no truth to the rumors, however.

As hard as it must be to keep a marriage running smoothly when both parties are plowing away full steam ahead in their careers and touring constantly, they seem to be doing it. Of course, the fact that they have an “open marriage” helps. Open in the respect that they have agreed that there are no holds barred, and each is free to read the other’s emails, text messages and anything else to be sure that the other is toeing the line.

It helps that they are not alone in their fight to keep love alive, too. Both tour with an armada of pet dogs that are like children to them. If you can’t snuggle in with the one you love, a warm puppy helps a lot.

One of the great things about Miranda is how she puts her feelings directly into her songs. Whether she writes them, or someone else does, she doesn’t sing it if she doesn’t mean it. Of course, she has a lot to draw on in her life when it comes to writing music. With parents who were private investigators, and her own wild child spirit, she will likely never run out of things to say about life, love and the general pursuit of happiness.

You have to admit, her saying that “being happy and in love is the worst thing for your figure and for your country music songwriting” seems to be right in line with the truth. In spite of that, many of her songs are powerful and inspiring, and her figure is pretty good as well.

You can check out Miranda Lambert and enjoy the greatest in country music on her tour stop over in Chicago at the NIU Convocation Center along with the super talented Dierks Bentley. Get your tickets now and settle in for a great show.

Lil Wayne Settles Lawsuit Over Missed Bahamas Concert

It was back in 2009 when Lil Wayne was scheduled to perform for an event in the Bahamas. He never did, and the promotion company in charge of the event, Red City Entertainment, claimed that the rapper had actually gotten too intoxicated the night before, causing him to sleep through the performance. Not only did they blame him for ruining their concert, they sued him for $432,000.

Lil Wayne is no stranger to lawsuits, but on this one he fought back saying that it was not because of intoxication that he missed the concert; and that in fact, he’s never missed a concert for that reason. He did argue that the concert had been cancelled, but he could not recall the reason why.

Now, none of it matters. Early in January, Lil Wayne and Red City Entertainment settled the case outside of court, although the amount agreed upon is unknown.

That will certainly free up some of Lil Wayne’s time for his other court battle — his appeal of the decision in the case against Quincy Jones III.

Back in November, Lil Wayne took Quincy to court, saying that he had released a “scandalous” documentary about Lil Wayne, and used the rapper’s music in that movie without Lil Wayne’s permission. In the initial court decision, Lil Wayne was actually ordered to pay Quincy $2,195,000, due to the fact that the first court case ate into his profits for the film. Now, Wayne is taking that one back to court through an appeal process.